Moot's Many

Session 1: Rivermoot

Shieldmeet 1372 DR


100 XP each for participating in the festival events.
100 XP each for participating in the three-legged race.
Total experience 200 / 1300.


S1T1. Bridonna received a fine black dress with gems from Asilther. It’s equivalent to a noble’s outfit.
S1T2. Paazrah won 10 smoke arrows.
S1T3. Helya won a fine golden cup, used as the wrestling trophy in Rivermoot. It’s worth 100 gp.

Lady Warden Jalantha Esbraer. Leader of Rivermoot, assigned by High Lady Alustriel.
Mintiper Moonsilver. Famed bard and adventurer. Wrote the Moonlight Paean.
Asilther. Mintiper’s travelling companion; former Calishite slave.
Mallaug. Rivermoot ranger, raising an orphaned raven.
Valig Ulavarr. Rock gnome patriarch; runs a small salt mine. Won the rodeo again this year.
Jansslaur. Rivermoot farmhand, racist. Won the three-legged race with Helya.
Valadel. Half-elf archer.

-A group of goblins kidnapped four children from Rivermoot, including Beatrice’s daughter Merine.



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