Moot's Many

Session 10 & 11: Rest and Repose


Previous Total: 10,200 out of 14,000 XP to 4th level.

Session 10:
171 XP each for escaping the gar ambush
171 XP each for slaying the mephit
200 XP each for bypassing the hydraulic pit trap
229 XP each for defeating the dragons

Session 11:
229 XP each for slaying the ambushing lizardfolk
200 XP each for rescuing the lizardfolk child
457 XP each for your kills at Firewater Gully

New Total: 11,857 out of 14,000 XP to 4th level.

S10T1: 120 sp, 4 gp, mwk half plate, mwk shortspear, potion of keen senses (smells like clover, looks green with a clump of grass floating in it), potion of status (smells of fish, looks sea green), potion of fox’s cunning (smells of sweaty fur, looks bright orange), scroll of tongues, scroll of shocking grasp, wand of bane, a 50 gp peridot
S10T2: Iron crown, ruined iron breastplate (taken from the corpse with a restless spirit)
S11T1: 46 gp, hide armour, composite (+2 mighty) longbow, greatclub, ranger’s kit, 2 heavy wooden shields, 2 morningstars, 6 javelins



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