Moot's Many

Session 15: Futile Findings

Previous Total: 13,300 out of 14,000 XP to 4th level.

300 XP for driving off the bandits
400 XP for slaying the ved
1000 XP for clearing out the ved cave

New Total: 15,000 out of 14,000 XP to 4th level. Level Up!
New Total to Level: 15,000 out of 23,000 XP to 5th level.

S15T1: 5 studded leather, 5 bucklers, 5 composite longbows (+1 mighty), 100 arrows, 5 rapiers, 5 saps, 5 light horses (combat trained), 5 riding saddles
S15T2: 699 cp, 854 sp, 42 gp, masterwork elk-bone leather madu, masterwork shortbow, oil, potion, 2 scrolls, 2 wands, 10 gp disthene gem, 10 gp rhodochrosite gem, 11 gp turquoise gem, gold statue of a dragon (110 gp), gold and silver hand mirror (110 gp), gold and silver chess set (100 gp), ivory drinking horn bound in copper (60 gp), a silver statue of a dragon (65 gp), and a battered old journal (written in Draconic script, unknown language)



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