Moot's Many

Session 2: Goblin Valley

Shieldmeet - Eleasias 1 1372 DR


Previous Total: 200 / 1300
106 experience each for defeating the goblin patrol.
171 experience each for slaying the marble snakes
10 experience each for saving the wounded elk’s life
New Total: 487 / 1300 to next level


S2T1: Hide armour, heavy wooden shield, 3 tanglefoot bags, 3 leather armours, 3 light wooden shields, 4 short swords, 4 short bows
S2T2: 45 gp bloodstone, 60 gp moonstone, 271 gold pieces, 3 mysterious iron coins
S2T3: six marble snake eggs. (Each egg is worth 5 gp each to an alchemist or someone interested in animals.) 185 sp, 40 Silverymoon moons (a larger gold coin worth 2 gp each), 3 pp, a blue potion with a syrupy consistency that smells like a wet dog (potion of delay poison), a fuming white potion (potion of owl’s wisdom), two scrolls in a scroll case (scroll of disguise self, unknown scroll), and a six-inch-long length of silverwood with the symbol of the Lady of Loss, Shar, burnt into one side. (Wand of inflict light wounds, command phrase “Shar claws at you!”) EDIT: and a masterwork Small shortspear.


Q2: What are the mysterious iron coins? Who made them? Why?
Q3: Rorvarn Ironshield, a hero of the Ironshield clan, cannot rest until his axe is returned to his tomb. Rorvarn knows his axe is somewhere in Goblin Valley, as well as his tomb. His tomb is protected.



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