Moot's Many

Session 3: Your Daughter Is In Another Cave


Previous Total: 487 / 1300 to next level
20 xp each for surviving the pit trap
135 xp each for defeating the goblin guards
216 xp each for slaughtering the goblins in the corridor
100 xp each for slaughtering the giant maggots
233 xp each for defeating Yozmul and her bodyguards

New Total: 1181 / 1300 to next level

S3T1: a flask marked with a white star on a brown pawprint (the liquid smells of green grass and is coloured meadow-green; it’s a potion of keen senses), a length of boar skin with symbols burnt into it (scroll of cure light wounds), and a length of vellum in a scroll tube (scroll of see invisibility)
S3T2: 5 leather armours, 5 light wooden shields, 5 short swords, 5 short bows with 20 arrows
S3T3: 7 leather armours, 7 light wooden shields, 7 short swords, 7 short bows with 20 arrows
S3T4: Small heavy steel shield, Small half-plate, mwk Small light hammer, mwk Small mighty (+1) composite shortbow, 20 arrows, 4 hide armours, 4 heavy wooden shields, 4 short swords, 4 short bows, 12 tanglefoot bags, wand of bane
S3T5: 1247 cp, 1087 sp, 54 gp, a small vial stamped with a harp that smells like birchbark and has blue sediment at the bottom (potion of guidance), a glass bottle marked with a set of scales on a warhammer that smells of roses, its grey liquid bubbling (potion of shield of faith), a folded piece of parchment written on in dark blue ink (scroll of shocking grasp and shield), a thin length of steel marked with a set of scales on a warhammer (wand of bless), a masterwork heavy mace, a suit of masterwork horn lamellar armour, an 8 gp chunk of tempskya (petrified wood), a 9 gp rough agni mani stone, an 11 gp turitella (agate), and a 55 gp cabochon-cut datchas gem.

Q4: What is the purple crystal skull? What are its powers?



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