Moot's Many

Session 5: Trapped!


Previous Total: 2191 / 3300 XP to level 3.

171 XP for driving off the bear
171 XP for fighting the cadavers
171 XP for fighting another group of cadavers
150 XP for surviving the Mesmerizing Ivory Stair

New Total: 2854 / 3300 XP to level 3.

S5T1: a marble idol of Corellon Larethian (300 gp), a platinum chalice with angel carvings on it (1250 gp), a gold necklace with a central iol gem (100 gp), an onyx bead (50 gp), a flame helmet snail shell (50 gp)


Q7: Galbar the Deceptor wants you to find and return to him his History of the High Forest he lent to Evresta.
Q8: You’re trapped in the Astrological Tower and must find a way out.



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