Moot's Many

Session 6: Bottom of the Tower


Previous Total: 2854 / 3300 XP to level 3.

267 experience each for overcoming the trapped stairs
400 experience each for slaying the rhu-chalik
200 experience each for slaying the ostovites
200 experience each for defeating the cadavers
200 experience each for slaying the gray ooze
133 experience each for destroying the wight

New Total: 4254 / 3300 to level 3. You will level up when you return to Rivermoot after this adventure.

In addition, at level 3 we switch from the fast to the slow progression tracks, which adjusts your experience by 4,200 experience. This makes your actual current experience 8,454 / 14,000 to level 4.


S6T1: 2 greatswords, 2 longbows, 2 fighter’s kits, 2 splint mails, tiny lockbox with key (10 gp), an emerald (1300 gp)
S6T2: 212 sp, 786 gp, 47 pp, masterwork thieves’ tools, chalk, four pitons, three sunrods, a metal flask containing a potion that smells of smoke and is blue with white swirls (potion of resist energy [cold]), another metal flask containing a potion that smells of dirt and is a smoking burnt orange (potion of bull’s strength) and a scroll in a metal scroll case (protection from energy.)
S6T3: 306 sp, 152 gp, 4 pp, a cleric’s kit (including a wooden holy symbol of Tymora), mwk sling, 20 shuriken, spear, chainmail, heavy wooden shield, a small earthenware flask containing a black and white paste (oil of align weapon), and a neatly transcribed scroll of vellum (scroll of create food and water).

Morn has one temporary negative level.



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