Moot's Many

Session 7 & 8: Freedom!


Previous Total: 8187 / 14,000 to level 4. (Note: A small adjustment was made due to an error in previous experience calculations.)

Session 7:
171 XP each for defeating the cadavers
133 XP each for surviving the haunt
171 XP each for defeating the painted rutterkin
133 XP each for destroying the guardian scroll
133 XP each for slaying the hungry flesh

Session 8:
257 XP each for destroying the shredskins
229 XP each for destroying the mithral cobras
229 XP each for destroying the Flying Devil
86 XP each for researching Evresta’s library
171 XP each for freeing the spectator beholderkin
150 XP each for destroying the plague device
150 XP each for escaping from the tower

New Total: 10,200 out of 14,000 XP to 4th level.

S7T1: Painting of the destruction of Myth Drannor by the Army of Darkness
S7T2: A cold iron masterwork longsword, a mwk agile breastplate, a plus 1 shortbow, a glass vial containing a brown liquid with swirls of red-orange that smells of wildberries stamped with an oak tree (potion of pass without trace), and a glass vial containing a tasteless, clear liquid marked with a crescent over a circle (potion of invisibility).
S7T3: 4 gp, a wizard’s kit (missing rations), an unnamed journal (spellbook) and two scrolls in a scroll tube (scroll of protection from good, scroll of burning hands)
S8T1: Telescope (really a device for spraying alchemical solutions or oils), 2 mithral cobra bodies
S8T2: 652 cp, 923 sp, 32 gp, small mwk full plate, mwk club, potion of spider climb, potion of cat’s grace, potion of resist energy (cold), scroll of ray of enfeeblement, scroll of dread bolt, scroll of shield of faith, wand of alarm (47 charges remaining), wand of disguise self (34 charges remaining), a 50 gp aventurine, a 10 gp crown of silver, a 13 gp sunstone, and a 10 gp agni mani shell.
S8T3: a suit of jotun bronze masterwork studded leather, a masterwork longspear, oil of bless weapon, potion of delay poison, potion of protection from evil, a brittle blueleaf wand with a malachite gem inset (wand of ray of frost, deals 1d3+1 cold damage to target, 35 charges remaining, command word “Indralagar”, worth 700 gp), and a small prism-cut tchazar gem (35 gp.)



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