Bridonna Vysora


Bridonna Vysora was just an infant when Calishite humans found her on their doorstep. She was left with nothing but the cloth that swaddled her and a letter. The wealthy family who discovered her there expected the letter to be an explanation of where she had come from and why she wound up at their door in Calimport, but to their confusion, it was simply a short message addressed to Bridonna herself: “When you come of age, join the Harpers in Silverymoon.”

Brid grew up for many years never understanding why she was the black sheep of the household. She was the only child there who was treated like a servant, forced to eat, sleep, and live with the maids and caretakers. Some of the only fun she ever allowed herself was dancing across the large rooms and down the long halls when the rest of the family wasn’t home, stepping and spinning in time to music only she could hear. She also read whenever she could in their absence, picking and choosing from the many books they owned, piecing together a patchwork collection of knowledge on her own. Occasionally, she would etch crude drawings in coal onto spare pieces of parchment.

Heading the household was a rich noble couple who spoiled the other children with gifts and lessons of all kinds, barely taking notice of Brid unless she made a mistake or was caught slacking in her housework. Despite this, she was made to believe throughout much of her childhood that she was also their daughter, leaving her to conclude that her status in the house was due to her own fundamental inadequacies and her strange physical attributes, to which her adopted family referred as “demonic” and uncouth".

One day, Brid stumbled upon a passage in a book that would change her life forever. A few short pages in a dusty old tome caught her eye, detailing the reach of Oghma, the Wise God whose followers believed in the power of knowledge and truth. Hungry for answers to questions both mundane and divine, Brid read the whole excerpt and turned its ideas over and over in her mind for hours. As she lay in bed that night, she said a silent prayer to Oghma: “Please, if there is any knowledge that might truly empower me, let it make itself known.”

The next day, Brid discovered the old note that had been written to her hidden away in the back of the library while cleaning. When the couple returned that evening, she confronted them with her discovery, furious and full of questions. They brushed her off dispassionately, admitting that they weren’t her true parents but dismissing her anger as unjustified, insisting that she ought to be grateful that they took her in at all. On that day, an awakening of sorts began for Brid.

Though she was still too young yet to set out on her own, she knew that eventually she wanted to follow the path laid out for her in that achingly short note. Although her feelings about where she came from were complicated and shrouded in mystery, she knew that she couldn’t truly find closure unless she sought answers and journeyed to Silverymoon. Despite how lonely and unwanted her adopted family made her feel, finding the note was somehow empowering, allowing her to entertain the idea that her life may in fact have meaning. She knew in her bones that her discovery was thanks to Oghma, and vowed her allegiance to him from that day on.

Newly impassioned, she began to read more and more frequently, “borrowing” books from the family’s library and devouring them by candlelight at night. She began to get into trouble more often, her late nights making her sluggish to rise and her newfound sense of purpose emboldening her. Backtalk and disobedience that she would once have been ashamed of now felt like a rite of passage she could wield to demand penance from her adopted family for their lies. As she grew older, sneaking out and wandering the town became regular habits for Brid, often leading to her dancing with strangers in pubs and sleeping in the streets, only to come slinking back home just before dawn to begin her chores. She took every extra opportunity given to her to learn more about both Oghma and the Harpers, asking travelers endless questions and chasing local rumors from one townsperson to the next.

As she became a young woman, Brid knew it was time to prepare herself to set off, her life at home becoming more and more strained and her heart more and more restless. She set off one clear day without so much as a goodbye, a modest pack slung over her shoulder and Oghma’s symbol around her neck. She tucked her note, faded and worn from daily readings and re-readings across the span of years, inside the pocket of her robe and headed North, ready to gain some experience and eventually meet the Harpers in Silverymoon once she became ready to prove herself worthy. Trailing rumors of work and adventure to be had, her trek would lead her all the way to Rivermoot in search of a way to build her skills and prepare herself to meet her fate head on. Finally, she was on her way to finding the answers she always needed.

Bridonna Vysora

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