Mirin Winterwood




Mirin doesn’t know who her real parents were or the circumstances of her birth. Her earliest memories were of being raised by a pack of arctic wolves. That lasted until what was probably around age 6, when she was found and adopted by a wandering couple. One a warlock, pacted with and dabbling in the control of infernal forces. The other a druid. Of much interest to them, they discovered that Mirin (who still didn’t have a name yet at the time) had already been gifted by the northern wind under Akadi for reasons unknown. And so began Mirin’s induction into civilization, such as it was with a pair of vagabonds anyway.

After years of wandering the northern regions with one or both of her adoptive parents, Mirin settled into the occupation of a wandering herbalist on her own. In return for assistance and the gathering of rare ingredients in her travels, she has rented out a small space in an alchemy shop in Rivermoot, the Bubbling Cauldron, to serve as a sort of home she can return to and keep items when she’s not elsewhere or living in the wilderness.

Growing up around magic largely in the wilderness as she had has left Mirin with relatively little shame over her planetouched heritage. While she can be pragmatic about it in the company of those that are…less than accepting, she’s too freespirited to let it confine her if she can help it. Aside from the obvious horns, tail, wings, and abnormally hard nails, her skin radiates a faint chill where most human bodies would radiate heat unless she stays covered.

Otherwise, she’s fairly sociable if a bit stoic and pragmatic at times.

Mirin Winterwood

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