Moot's Many

Helya Shops In Rivermoot
Roleplaying Log

[02:26:14] ~Arivia: okay RPZip got my stuff sorted out if you want to play through some stuff
[02:30:37] RPZip: toot toot
[02:30:38] RPZip: LETS DO THIS
[02:34:17] ~Arivia: okay so you identified three things you were interested in
[02:34:22] ~Arivia: and three places to buy them
[02:34:51] ~Arivia: well
[02:34:53] ~Arivia: two things
[02:34:57] ~Arivia: wand at the temple of lathander
[02:35:15] RPZip: yeah, and getting some aftermarket rims and a flame paint job put on a shield
[02:35:17] ~Arivia: shield boss from tace brokenshield, the dwarven travelingarmorsmith
[02:35:39] RPZip: I think I’m gonna buy the +1 shield that the shop had too before I go get it boss’d up
[02:35:55] ~Arivia: and then you just kind of wanted to see stuff in general, in which case you might as well start at Kelivar Ambastil’s place
[02:35:56] ~Arivia: okay
[02:36:02] RPZip: yep!
[02:36:07] ~Arivia: so that would be at Tace’s store too, let’s say
[02:36:11] ~Arivia: where to first?
[02:36:23] RPZip: Let’s start with the temple
[02:36:27] RPZip: Helya knows what the #1 priority is
[02:36:29] ~Arivia: Okay.
[02:36:32] RPZip: (getting healed)
[02:37:49] ~Arivia: The Temple of Lathander is one of the biggest buildings in Rivermoot, a narrow, tall thing with two needle-like steeples. All of Rivermoot’s buildings are on pilings to keep them out of the floodwaters, but the temple is even higher than that – about five feet higher, its encircling boardwalk at window level for the houses next to it.
[02:38:48] ~Arivia: You don’t know much about Lathander, so you head in at early afternoon. There are two entrances – one single small door, with a fair amount of traffic; and a set of larger double doors that no one is coming in or out of.
[02:39:53] RPZip: How big is the small door? Is this like, halfling-sized?
[02:39:53] ~Arivia: Which one do you go in?
[02:40:00] ~Arivia: nah, it’s human sized
[02:40:15] ~Arivia: just a normal house door instead of a big common area door, basically
[02:40:37] RPZip: Helya will deploy the patented method of being enormous and walking in the direction she goes, graciously allowing the little people to scatter before her as she heads to the smaller door
[02:41:16] ~Arivia: “It’s the barbarian! Ma, look look!”
[02:41:38] ~Arivia: You have to lean down to get through the smaller door, as you have in so many places here.
[02:42:16] RPZip: I turn to the child and boom “It’s the tiny human! Look upon him!”
[02:43:02] RPZip: Assuming nothing else major happens with my amazing barbarian-ness though I duck in and head inside
[02:44:00] ~Arivia: Inside is a small, narrow room, dominated by a wide darkwood counter. There’s a human man standing behind it, dressed in fine tunic and breeches, wearing a sunburst symbol around his throat. “Ah, our heroine – my apologies, I’ve forgotten your name.”
[02:44:36] RPZip: (is it Helya Black-Raven or Helya of Black-Raven, or ‘v0v pick whichever?’)
[02:44:52] ~Arivia: technically the first
[02:44:56] ~Arivia: but whichever you’d like
[02:44:56] RPZip: works for me
[02:46:22] RPZip: “Hail! I am Helya of Black-Raven.” Helya says, looking around. “I was told by a tiny halfling that I could find mystical healing objects here?”
[02:46:59] RPZip: *tiny human
[02:47:02] RPZip: *might have been a halfling
[02:47:17] ~Arivia: “Oh, no – not here. This is the safekeeping and coin-chasing side, and you look neither type right now. Healing is provided by the priest in the main hall, Dawnlord Istmyn.”
[02:47:59] RPZip: Helya tilts her head, looking quizzically at the man. ‘What is… ’coin-chasing’?’
[02:48:02] ~Arivia: He points at a door with an unusually long finger then pulls it back suddenly. “Uh – better not go that way. Back outside and through the large doors.”
[02:49:35] ~Arivia: He smiles. “Rivermoot may be separate from Silverymoon, but it still has many citizens and they sometimes need extra coin for their new projects and goals. Lathander, my patron -” he waves his symbol “-supports such new beginnings, and as such we lend coin to those in need of it. In cities this might be performed by a trading coster or a moneylender, but we are the only establishment in Rivermoot to provide such services.”
[02:51:42] RPZip: “Interesting!” Helya says, pulling out her tiny barbarian glasses and perching them on the end of her nose. “Do you provide services for tombraiders? Ah, excuse me. I mean ‘adventurers’, as they are called here.”
[02:53:01] ~Arivia: “I – uh – I suppose. I am not very experienced in attending to adventurers, but they are frequently new and active, and common recipients of Lathander’s favour. Assuming you are respecting the church, of course.”
[02:53:57] RPZip: “I do not know if I will!” Helya booms cheerfully. “I have not met many Lathanders. But perhaps I should enquire about that at the main temple, yes?”
[02:54:07] RPZip: (where’s the fantasy economics, arivia!)
[02:54:16] ~Arivia: (huh?)
[02:54:26] RPZip: (WHat’s the APR?)
[02:54:32] RPZip: (Give me the check cashing rate)
[02:54:37] RPZip: (the spice must flow)
[02:54:41] RPZip: (I’m just being a dork ignore me)
[02:54:44] ~Arivia: (oh, like 5% annually or something)
[02:54:55] RPZip: (that’s actually really low considering, uh. Everything)
[02:54:58] ~Arivia: (as long as you don’t make me fly the handle by saying “wish economy”)
[02:55:46] ~Arivia: “Excellent, yes! Please do, the Morninglord has space and kindness for all.”
[02:56:32] RPZip: Helya turns to go, but stops midturn. “Oh! Yes. One more thing, coin-chaser.” She pulls one of the battered iron coins out of her purse, presenting it to the man for inspection. “Have you seen these like before?”
[02:57:44] ~Arivia: “Not Silveraen, not dwarven, not Waterdeep, not elven. No, can’t say I have. Where did you find it?”
[02:59:29] RPZip: Helya slides it back into her pocket, frowning. “’Twas in the pouch of some of the goblin raiders. A strange token to keep, and a possible connection.” She shrugs her massive shoulders. “My tiny companion was told it may be Orcish currency.”
[03:00:35] ~Arivia: He wrinkles his nose in disgust. “Goblin trash. Worthless. Orcs don’t make coins, your friend must be mistaken. They rut and cut each other, savaging one another in their caves along the Wall.”
[03:01:39] RPZip: “Hmmm.” Helya says thoughtfully. “Perhaps the same could be said of my people.”
[03:01:54] RPZip: She turns to leave, giving the man a cheerful smile over her shoulder. “Of course, they would not be wrong!”
[03:02:20] ~Arivia: He smiles tentatively back at you.
[03:03:18] RPZip: hashtag fantasy racism
[03:03:36] RPZip: anyway I figure I’ll go to the big doors and open them up, rather than break in through the wrong entrance the guy pointed to
[03:03:39] RPZip: even though he was racist
[03:03:49] ~Arivia: you were the ones who picked being outcasts and aliens :P
[03:04:08] RPZip: I thought about making a joke to the child that I had many cousins called barbarian, but I had an actual name. :P
[03:04:15] ~Arivia: hahaha
[03:06:42] ~Arivia: You open the large double doors and are almost blinded by the sunlight streaming at you. When you can see again, you can tell that this is definitely the large main worship hall here in the Temple, filled with pews. The most commanding feature of the room is the east wall, a large assembly of tiny windows of rose-glass shining light pink. Along the sides of the room are narrow, rickety staircases leading into the spires above, and you
[03:06:42] ~Arivia: can see glass panes, crystals, and mirrors arranged along those staircases, reflecting yet more light down into the main hall. It is one of those reflections, empowered by the midday sun, that you have stepped into.
[03:07:09] ~Arivia: There are several people in this room, some dressed in robes and working quietly, some praying.
[03:08:12] ~Arivia: One in particular catches your eye – a tall, handsome man dressed in vivid robes of red, gold, and orange. He wears a headdress that splays out behind his head like the rays of the sun – or a peacock’s fan, complete with rose glass eyes.
[03:09:23] RPZip: Helya shields herself from the light with her hand and steps to the side, blinking the spots out of her vision.
[03:10:01] RPZip: She notices the peacock man and heads towards him, hand raised in greeting. “Hail!”
[03:11:03] ~Arivia: “Ho!” The man turns around, beaming at your approach. “You must be one of the Moot’s Many, saviours all. And quite an exotic one at that.” He looks you up and down from head to toe. “What brings you to the Temple of Lathander today?”
[03:11:47] RPZip: (arivia…)
[03:11:59] RPZip: “Ho! And quite an exotic one at that.”
[03:12:02] RPZip: (rude)
[03:12:52] ~Arivia: He laughs deeply. “You’re quite well spoken for one of the Black Ravens. Normally they descend upon traders and sailors, screaming and yelling cries with blades drawn.”
[03:13:19] RPZip: (that last part wasn’t supposed to be IC)
[03:13:25] RPZip: (I’ll roll with it though)
[03:14:11] RPZip: “Ah, yes! Happy days,” Helya says, smiling fondly. “But I have come here now to join in many ‘adventures’ with ‘friends’, yes? Excellent. I was told that one could purchase healing enchantments in this place?”
[03:15:45] ~Arivia: “Spells, yes – is one of your company ill? How may Dawnlord Horth Istmyn provide assistance?”
[03:17:13] RPZip: “Oh! No, no.” She pauses. “Is Horth Istmyn your name? But, yes. I am seeking to find things that can be used after we become injured. Perhaps a stick? I have seen these enchanted sticks.”
[03:19:07] ~Arivia: Horth beams. “Yes, yes it is. Ah! A wand – yes, I have one to sell on behalf of the church. However, you will need a knowledgeable cleric to use it, preferably one of the Morninglord. Is there one among you?”
[03:21:33] RPZip: Helya thinks. “I have not known her to be especially knowledgeable, and I do not believe she follows your Lord of Morning. I have seen her cure wounds with a wave of her hand.”
[03:21:48] RPZip: (wait, OOC question – what is suzera’s familiar and have they been in the story at all?)
[03:22:03] ~Arivia: (no idea and don’t think so)
[03:22:28] ~Arivia: (you could also respond with irierath who heals people while wielding a moon symbol)
[03:22:40] RPZip: (was going to mention that she gets her spells from a magic cat but then I couldn’t remember if we’d ever seen them ever)
[03:22:52] RPZip: (to the obsidianportalmobile)
[03:24:13] RPZip: “I have seen her talk to her cat before, after we returned to town. Is the cat perhaps one of the Lords of Morning?”
[03:24:16] RPZip: (it’s a cat)
[03:24:24] RPZip: (just made up that detail to tweak the priest anyway so w/e)
[03:24:40] ~Arivia: He splutters. “No! Lathander does not make himself known by cats.”
[03:25:05] ~Arivia: (yes, I do have a table of animal manifestations for the gods. OF COURSE I DO.)
[03:25:18] RPZip: “Ah. Perhaps not then. I have known many who speak to their cats, and I thought perhaps I may have encountered your Lord before.”
[03:25:38] RPZip: “Our tribe is not very familiar with this magic of the ickle sweetums.”
[03:26:32] ~Arivia: He guffaws. “Well, many adventurers do not concern themselves with the where or the how of their healing, only that it exists, and saves them from tooth and claw.”
[03:27:33] RPZip: Helya nods. “This is true! Practicality! But it would only be practical to allow ideas to fight, yes? That is what I believe Uthgard would want. Tell me, what makes your Lord of Morning so special?”
[03:27:45] ~Arivia: “Which is why I cannot sell you a wand. Yet. Lathander asks of his faithful to heal the needy, and to minister to the diseased. But you are not right now either of those – you are asking for a gift of the Morninglord, a channeling of his energy in order to complete your own goals.”
[03:28:12] RPZip: (let me adapt the response to that)
[03:28:40] RPZip: Helya nods. “This is true! What would your Lord of Morning demand for such a gift?”
[03:29:51] ~Arivia: “Lathander supports new beginnings, and I saw Mintiper provide you all with a name, and a new adventure. So I want to aid you in your journey – but you must first prove yourself friendly to the Morninglord, and to his aims. Does this make sense, Helya?”
[03:31:16] RPZip: Helya laughs. “Of course! This is much like tribe. Must prove self in feat of strength, yes? Who shall I wrestle?”
[03:31:39] ~Arivia: "
[03:33:07] ~Arivia: “Well, the monsters you face might be too strong to wrestle, Helya! The Morninglord radiates life, and brings renewal to Faerun. He despises the static, unmoving undead that represent a grand violation of pure, creative existance. Slay one of the undead, and crush its bones into fine ash. Bring me that ash, and I will sell you a wand.”
[03:34:42] RPZip: “Hmmm.” Helya tilts her head back and considers. “Is undead bone different from bone bone? I have bone bone.”
[03:36:08] ~Arivia: “Do not flay yourself! That injury is abhorrent. Yes, the undead are animated by dark energies from places beyond Faerun, and those energies transfigure their materials into something new.”
[03:37:34] RPZip: “What? Not self. Have collection.” Helya pats her pack fondly. “But I will find new not-dead bone, make dead, and smash for you.”
[03:38:08] ~Arivia: “Wonderful. May I touch your arm? Your strength is stunning, good lady.”
[03:38:29] ~Arivia: (up to you what Helya does in response to getting hit on)
[03:39:23] RPZip: Helya grins and poses with her arms outstreched. “Yes! Is good! Small barbarian children used them to do pull-up!”
[03:40:12] ~Arivia: He fakes a pull-up on your biceps. “I can see why!”
[03:40:50] RPZip: (he’s wearing like, a peacock headdress right?)
[03:41:23] ~Arivia: (yep)
[03:41:33] RPZip: (oh, is it actual feathers or just like a peacock?)
[03:41:54] ~Arivia: (it’s just like a peacock)
[03:42:15] ~Arivia: (brb)
[03:42:43] RPZip: Helya smiles fondly and pats the priest’s head, mussing up his hair. “Yes! And I shall return with smashed bone, and we shall see about your ‘healing wand’.”
[03:42:52] RPZip: “I have not heard this claim before!”
[03:46:37] ~Arivia: He smiles broadly. “I look forward to showing it to you.” Horth turns and walks away, whistling.
[03:46:46] ~Arivia: (done if you are)\
[03:46:54] RPZip: (yep that’s good)
[03:47:06] ~Arivia: (armourer or the sundries dude?)
[03:47:49] RPZip: (armorer, then I’m probably gonna crash after)
[03:48:15] ~Arivia: (k)
[03:48:21] ~Arivia: (sorry I’m keeping you busy :P)
[03:48:31] RPZip: (not at all, I like it)
[03:50:23] ~Arivia: Tace Brokenshield’s wagon is set up just inside Rivermoot’s wide palisade wall. The red and gold wagon drapes are pulled open, revealing chests heaped high with arms and armour inside. On the ground next to the wagon, Tace has set up a portable anvil and forge. At your approach, she looks up beaming. “Moradin’s true blow, it’s one of the women that saved my son!” She runs up to you and embraces you, her head resting on your hip.
[03:50:48] ~Arivia: Behind her, her son Wulorn, who you do recognize as one of the children you saved, is playing in the dirt.
[03:51:20] RPZip: Helya awkwardly pats the woman on the head. “Ah! Yes. I am glad to see that he is doing well still!”
[03:51:55] ~Arivia: “He’s doing very well. How can I help you, Helya Black-Raven?”
[03:54:09] RPZip: Helya smiles wide. “I have heard that you are the best blacksmith in all Rivermoot! I have come to see about a new shield.” She reaches behind her and taps the hard steel surface of the shield strapped to her back.
[03:54:31] RPZip: “My shield has served me well, but I am told it is ‘traditional’ for ‘adventurers’ to purchase or comission new items after an ‘adventure’!”
[03:54:37] RPZip: “I am excited to learn about this process.”
[03:55:27] ~Arivia: “Ah, well I am an armourer and weaponsmith, not a blacksmith Helya – you are right to come to me for a shield, but Rivermoot has a blacksmith should you wish to buy some nails or get your horse shoed. Can you even ride a horse?”
[03:56:01] RPZip: “Hmmm.”
[03:56:05] RPZip: Helya looks up.
[03:56:08] RPZip: Helya looks down.
[03:56:21] RPZip: “I may be using wrong word. And no. Horses are not friend.”
[03:56:33] RPZip: “Weapon-makes? Yes! Weaponsmith. I am sorry. Best weaponsmith! And armorsmith.”
[03:58:57] RPZip: Helya unbuckles her enormous shield and lets it slide to the ground so the smith can see it more closely.
[03:59:02] ~Arivia: Tace smiles. “Excellent. Now, for shields – I have some well-made metal ones, but I think you want something a bit more special.” She cracks her knuckles and pulls things out of one of the chests, unwrapping a oilcloth covered item at the bottom. It’s a fine wooden shield made of oak, with simple adornments. Tace raps the edge of it with her fist. “A magical wooden shield, just a simple reinforcing enchantment, but much better than
[03:59:02] ~Arivia: anything else you’ll find in Rivermoot. I bought it in Everlund; it’ll stand up to goblins, orcs, and anything else short of a dragon’s claws.”
[03:59:10] RPZip: (nix that last bit)
[04:00:30] RPZip: Helya leans in to examine the shield, running her finger across it. “Hmmm.” She unbuckles her shield, dented and spattered still despite some efforts to clean it, and examines the two surfaces. “Will not break on head? Wood splinters are not friend.”
[04:01:56] ~Arivia: Tace grins. “Try it on your own, you giant! No, it won’t break. It’s stronger than steel with the enchantment, and holds up against blows better. Even the gnashing teeth of a leucrotta would be hard-pressed to tear into that.”
[04:03:23] RPZip: “Hmmm.” Helya picks up the shield, carefully examining it, then smacks both the wooden and steel shields together. She takes a moment to examine the wooden shield, finding no marks, while the steel one appears even more battered. “Is good! How much are you wanting for this?”
[04:04:10] ~Arivia: “I owe you my son’s life, so a discount is no problem. How about one thousand two hundred gold coins? Anything modern I can trade in to the Lathanderites here is fine.”
[04:06:01] RPZip: “Hmmm,” Helya says, looking at the shiny surface. “Tell me, do you have a… I don’t know the word. A light-hole? I once saw shield with one. Light shone out of front. Not magic, just sunrod and a round cap on front of shield to hold it.”
[04:06:37] ~Arivia: “Oh! Like the alchemists make. No, but I can figure one out. It’ll take me a couple days to fit it, though.”
[04:07:27] RPZip: (serious question, am I getting hosed here and/or should I go find price guides?)
[04:08:00] ~Arivia: (you’re getting a 10% discount)
[04:08:25] RPZip: (alright, couldn’t remember if we’d settled on 150 or 300 for masterwork. 10% is fine by me)
[04:08:25] ~Arivia: (1k for +1 300 for masterwork like 7 for the base shield)
[04:09:11] RPZip: Helya smiles. “Throw that in and you can have first pick of goblin loot! Sentimental value? Reminder of better times?”
[04:09:25] RPZip: (shield boss is like 35g for the light illuminating one)
[04:09:53] ~Arivia: Tace giggles. “Sure.” You haggle over the goblin loot, and Tace agrees to take 1200g off your hands in a mix of coins and particularly interesting stuff you were going to sell anyway.
[04:10:18] ~Arivia: Let me figure out how long this is going to take to make
[04:11:08] ~Arivia: +13 versus DC 20
[04:11:23] ~Arivia: target is 35 gp
[04:11:33] ~Arivia: 12 gp
[04:11:45] ~Arivia: 20 gp
[04:11:58] ~Arivia: 24 gp
[04:12:20] ~Arivia: 24 gp
[04:12:27] ~Arivia: 32 gp
[04:12:57] ~Arivia: 35 gp + 13 gp
[04:12:57] ~Arivia: so
[04:13:13] ~Arivia: You spend the next six days in Rivermoot
[04:13:27] ~Arivia: waiting for Tace to finish working on the boss.
[04:13:40] RPZip: I think we’d decided to spend at least a few days so that’s probably fine
[04:13:46] RPZip: also man pf crafting rules are dumb
[04:13:51] ~Arivia: Finally, on the sixth day, Wulorn is at the door of Winson’s inn asking for you. “Ma’s done with your shield!”
[04:14:03] ~Arivia: they are, but we’re tracking time so I’m rolling with the system
[04:14:08] RPZip: fair
[04:14:26] RPZip: Helya follows Wulorn back to his mother’s shop, practically skipping with anticipation.
[04:14:28] ~Arivia: When you get back to Tace’s cart she seems to be in a creative frenzy, banging out another battleaxe as you look on.
[04:15:28] RPZip: Helya looks on with interest, examining the battleaxe. “New work?”
[04:15:35] ~Arivia: Resting against one wagon leg is your new shield – the plain wooden face now holding a complicated metal latch and box assembly with a slit in the middle. “There you go. Checked with a sample from the Bubbling Cauldron myself, nearly blinded the stable hands.” She laughs.
[04:16:07] ~Arivia: “Aye. Sometimes you finish one thing and it just pushes you into the next. I like making axes, so that was my natural next choice. You want to buy one?”
[04:17:13] RPZip: Helya picks up the shield, hefting it before unslinging her old one, adjusting the straps to take the new shield. “Shield is my weapon! Is good for smashing. I will keep you in mind if I need axe for chopping.”
[04:17:36] RPZip: Helya looks down at her old, battered shield. “You want? Has been good to me.”
[04:17:57] ~Arivia: “Excellent. Good luck on your adventure. I’ll be leaving soon, mayhap I’ll see you in High Rock or somewhere farther along the Rauvin.”
[04:18:41] ~Arivia: “There’s a saying among dwarves – never lose your first weapon, because it’ll give you your final victory. Keep it. Maybe you’ll know a young adventurer to give it to someday.”
[04:19:37] RPZip: Helya nods solemnly, lifting the shield to her side to carry it back. “Is good advice. Thank you, friend! Will smash many goblins with this for you!”
[04:20:24] ~Arivia: “That’s the best testament to good work you can give a smith. May it shed plenty of blood!”
[04:20:26] ~Arivia: (done)
[04:20:39] RPZip: (rad)
[04:20:48] ~Arivia: First time we’ve done one of those for this game
[04:20:54] ~Arivia: what did you think? good/bad?
[04:21:07] RPZip: Yeah, I enjoyed it. I feel like I can be a lot more creative in these? I feel like I freeze up or just resort to dumb meta jokes when it’s voice chat
[04:21:25] RPZip: I’m not sure my jokes are any better like this but they’re more on topic at least.
[04:21:28] ~Arivia: That makes sense, I think we all suffer from that a little bit.
[04:21:32] ~Arivia: I thought they were good!
[04:21:36] RPZip: haha, thanks
[04:21:38] ~Arivia: Sorry if the womanizing priest was too much
[04:21:44] RPZip: Nah it’s fine
[04:22:10] RPZip: I thought it was funny although a little weird after the sermon
[04:22:22] ~Arivia: NEW BEGINNINGS
[04:22:25] ~Arivia: LIKE MAKIN A BABY
[04:22:26] ~Arivia: UNF
[04:22:27] RPZip: Helya is going to ask to see the wand and may or may not deck him depending on how he does it
[04:22:27] RPZip: lol
[04:22:45] ~Arivia: yeah, we’ll see how that goes
[04:23:00] RPZip: but yeah I thought it went well!
[04:23:00] ~Arivia: I fully support you decking him when she realizes he was coming onto her the whole time
[04:23:19] ~Arivia: he’s a playa, not a creep, so he’ll lay off if you say no
[04:23:54] RPZip: I think she kinda knew and she wouldn’t be averse to the idea if he’s non-creepy about it
[04:24:04] ~Arivia: so, your shield is a +1 heavy wooden shield defensively; you have to enchant it separately as a weapon remember, so for those purposes it’s a masterwork heavy shield
[04:24:16] RPZip: Right
[04:24:28] ~Arivia: and your shield boss is as requested
[04:24:50] RPZip: there’s a ‘put an alchemical item inside and make it go boom’ shield boss, but it’s like 130gp
[04:24:56] ~Arivia: yeah I saw
[04:25:00] RPZip: might be worth looking at later though, just throw all the alchemist’s fire and whatnot into it
[04:25:04] ~Arivia: don’t forget you could masterwork it too!
[04:25:11] RPZip: yeah
[04:25:40] ~Arivia: either way all good for now
[04:25:50] ~Arivia: and you could buy sunrods from the alchemist’s shop where Suzera lives
[04:26:45] RPZip: yeah, sounds good. I’d be up for more RPing sometime soon too, I had a lot of fun
[04:27:38] ~Arivia: cool
[04:27:48] ~Arivia: well you still have the stuff with the sundries shop
[04:27:54] ~Arivia: and also the alchemist should you wish to stop by
[04:28:00] ~Arivia: but that can wait
[04:28:05] ~Arivia: thanks for doing that with me
[04:28:16] RPZip: I’d be up for doing it sometime this week if there’s time, if not can just do it whenever
[04:28:18] RPZip: no problem! :D
[04:28:22] ~Arivia: I’m really glad to get an opportunity to do the deep-immersion roleplaying stuff I wanted to do in this game
[04:28:25] ~Arivia: and flesh out the town a bit
[04:28:59] RPZip: It’s fun, just hard to do with a party our size. So stuff like this helps flesh it out a lot
[04:29:14] ~Arivia: yeah that makes sense
[04:29:21] ~Arivia: I think doing this on downtime is a pretty good idea
[04:29:32] ~Arivia: I’ll save this and throw it up on OP so other people can read it if they wanrt
[04:29:36] ~Arivia: -r
[04:30:03] RPZip: rad
[04:35:36] RPZip: Gonna go crash now, night!
[04:39:29] ~Arivia: goodnight!

Loot Stuff

Helya (1100): 100GP (Fine Golden Cup, Tournament Win), +1 Heavy Wooden Shield (1200)
Bridonna: Noble’s Outfit (Fine Dress, Contest Win)
Beatrice (155): Mwk Small Short Swords (155)
Mirin (375): Wand of Expeditious Retreat (375)
Irierath (125): Six Marble Snake Eggs (Ready-Made Orphans), Mwk Horn Lamellar Armor (125), 10 Smoke Arrows
Mr. Pancakes: 4 Wolf Pups (Ready-Made Orphans)

Side benefits/unclaimed loot: Free Masterwork Weapon (400gp or less) – Beatrice or Bridonna?
10% reduction on prices in town

Consumables kept: Potion of Shield of Faith, Potion of Jump, Potion of Feather Fall, Scroll of Disguise Self/Liberating Command/See Invis/Shocking Grasp/Shield/Knock, 5 Tanglefoot Bags, 4 Alchemist’s Fire.

Total loot: 7854 gp (8749 total received including non-consumable items awarded and not sold, split 7 ways equals theoretical split of 1250 per player)
Not counting looted consumables we decide to use under a certain price – scrolls, potions, special ammunition etc. are not going to be deducted from people’s totals because it makes this a huge pain in the ass and makes us less likely to use them.

Items for sale:
Base Value 1,400 gp; Purchase Limit 7,500 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items +1 heavy wooden shield, full plate, mwk shortsword, crown of swords, phylactery of the shepherd, ring of arcane signets, +1 shock heavy mace (3d4 items); Medium Items +3 shock heavy crossbow, +3 handaxe, potion of enlarge person, +1 spell storing defiant (monstrous humanoids) full plate, wand of rage, +2 glamered chainmail (1d6 items);

There is a 75% chance that an item of the base value (1400gp) can be found in the town. Wand of CLW found in the Temple via Arivia, so we’ll buy one of those.

Session 4: Rescue!


Previous Total: 1181 / 1300 to next level

20 XP for surviving the fallen log trap
135 XP for slaying the goblin guards
215 XP for slaying the goblins
160 XP for slaying the wolves
280 XP for killing Jaggol and his concubines
100 XP for returning Rorvarn’s axe to him
100 XP for rescuing the children

You level up to level 2!

New Total: 2191 / 3300 XP to level 3.

S4T1: 5 leather armours, 5 light wooden shields, 5 short swords, 5 short bows with 20 arrows
S4T2: 5 leather armours, 5 light wooden shields, 5 short swords, 5 short bows with 20 arrows, potion of jump (green with brown sediment floating in it; smells bitter and acidic), potion of feather fall (pale blue with a feather floating in it; tasteless), 4 alchemist’s fire, 2 smokesticks, 4 thunderstones, studded leather, Small short sword, mwk Small short sword, shortbow with 20 arrows, 18 gp
Four wolf pups
S4T3: 1280 gp, mwk composite mighty (+4) longbow, mwk banded mail, heavy steel shield, 2 hide armour, 2 heavy wooden shields, 2 short swords, 2 short bow, 6 tanglefoot bags
S4T4: 492 cp, 860 sp, 39 gp, a masterwork Small battleaxe, a carved scrimshaw scroll case (worth 60 gp itself), a gold necklace (50 gp), a silver lanceboard (chess) set (50 gp), a golden brooch engraved with the face of a beautiful woman (75 gp), a gold and ivory decanter with engravings of dragons (400 gp), four salvageable fur rugs (80 gp total), a small azurite gem (13 gp), a thin sunstone (9 gp), a rough greenstone (12 gp), 10 rough iron coins, potion of resist energy (electricity), unidentified scroll, unidentified wand
S4T5: belt of tumbling

Additional rewards:
-Tace Brokenshield will make you a masterwork weapon of your choice (worth 400 gp or less)
-Kelivar Ambastil promised you a 10% discount with the local guild of Rivermoot (applies to local merchants)
-Gilrugar Thorval offered you a free boat ride along the rivers of the Silver Marches from Rivermoot

Quests 1 & 3 have been resolved.
Q5: Mintiper Moonsilver gave you a map and a key to a locked wizard’s tower north of Rivermoot.
Q6: Mintiper Moonsilver named you the Moot’s Many and told you to go to the Herald’s Holdfast to become officially registered as an adventuring company.

Session 3: Your Daughter Is In Another Cave


Previous Total: 487 / 1300 to next level
20 xp each for surviving the pit trap
135 xp each for defeating the goblin guards
216 xp each for slaughtering the goblins in the corridor
100 xp each for slaughtering the giant maggots
233 xp each for defeating Yozmul and her bodyguards

New Total: 1181 / 1300 to next level

S3T1: a flask marked with a white star on a brown pawprint (the liquid smells of green grass and is coloured meadow-green; it’s a potion of keen senses), a length of boar skin with symbols burnt into it (scroll of cure light wounds), and a length of vellum in a scroll tube (scroll of see invisibility)
S3T2: 5 leather armours, 5 light wooden shields, 5 short swords, 5 short bows with 20 arrows
S3T3: 7 leather armours, 7 light wooden shields, 7 short swords, 7 short bows with 20 arrows
S3T4: Small heavy steel shield, Small half-plate, mwk Small light hammer, mwk Small mighty (+1) composite shortbow, 20 arrows, 4 hide armours, 4 heavy wooden shields, 4 short swords, 4 short bows, 12 tanglefoot bags, wand of bane
S3T5: 1247 cp, 1087 sp, 54 gp, a small vial stamped with a harp that smells like birchbark and has blue sediment at the bottom (potion of guidance), a glass bottle marked with a set of scales on a warhammer that smells of roses, its grey liquid bubbling (potion of shield of faith), a folded piece of parchment written on in dark blue ink (scroll of shocking grasp and shield), a thin length of steel marked with a set of scales on a warhammer (wand of bless), a masterwork heavy mace, a suit of masterwork horn lamellar armour, an 8 gp chunk of tempskya (petrified wood), a 9 gp rough agni mani stone, an 11 gp turitella (agate), and a 55 gp cabochon-cut datchas gem.

Q4: What is the purple crystal skull? What are its powers?

How to Not Die
Save us from evil DMs

Marching Order (Two abreast, for single file read from left-to-right)
Helya Paazrah
Bridonna Irierath
Morn Mirin

Perception (Take 10)
Beatrice 14 (+2 from racial?)
Bridonna 14, Darkvision 60’
Irierath 19, Low-Light Vision
Helya 16
Mirin 10, Darkvision 60’
Morn 15
Paazrah 20, Darkvision 60’, Light Sensitivity

Standard Procedure in Hostile Territory (read: not for long-range movement)
Move at a cautious speed (roughly half of normal movement), checking for traps and looking around cautiously. Take 10 on perception checks.

First Watch

Second Watch

Third Watch
Mr. Pancakes

Session 2: Goblin Valley
Shieldmeet - Eleasias 1 1372 DR


Previous Total: 200 / 1300
106 experience each for defeating the goblin patrol.
171 experience each for slaying the marble snakes
10 experience each for saving the wounded elk’s life
New Total: 487 / 1300 to next level


S2T1: Hide armour, heavy wooden shield, 3 tanglefoot bags, 3 leather armours, 3 light wooden shields, 4 short swords, 4 short bows
S2T2: 45 gp bloodstone, 60 gp moonstone, 271 gold pieces, 3 mysterious iron coins
S2T3: six marble snake eggs. (Each egg is worth 5 gp each to an alchemist or someone interested in animals.) 185 sp, 40 Silverymoon moons (a larger gold coin worth 2 gp each), 3 pp, a blue potion with a syrupy consistency that smells like a wet dog (potion of delay poison), a fuming white potion (potion of owl’s wisdom), two scrolls in a scroll case (scroll of disguise self, unknown scroll), and a six-inch-long length of silverwood with the symbol of the Lady of Loss, Shar, burnt into one side. (Wand of inflict light wounds, command phrase “Shar claws at you!”) EDIT: and a masterwork Small shortspear.


Q2: What are the mysterious iron coins? Who made them? Why?
Q3: Rorvarn Ironshield, a hero of the Ironshield clan, cannot rest until his axe is returned to his tomb. Rorvarn knows his axe is somewhere in Goblin Valley, as well as his tomb. His tomb is protected.

Session 1: Rivermoot
Shieldmeet 1372 DR


100 XP each for participating in the festival events.
100 XP each for participating in the three-legged race.
Total experience 200 / 1300.


S1T1. Bridonna received a fine black dress with gems from Asilther. It’s equivalent to a noble’s outfit.
S1T2. Paazrah won 10 smoke arrows.
S1T3. Helya won a fine golden cup, used as the wrestling trophy in Rivermoot. It’s worth 100 gp.

Lady Warden Jalantha Esbraer. Leader of Rivermoot, assigned by High Lady Alustriel.
Mintiper Moonsilver. Famed bard and adventurer. Wrote the Moonlight Paean.
Asilther. Mintiper’s travelling companion; former Calishite slave.
Mallaug. Rivermoot ranger, raising an orphaned raven.
Valig Ulavarr. Rock gnome patriarch; runs a small salt mine. Won the rodeo again this year.
Jansslaur. Rivermoot farmhand, racist. Won the three-legged race with Helya.
Valadel. Half-elf archer.

-A group of goblins kidnapped four children from Rivermoot, including Beatrice’s daughter Merine.

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